Welcome to Prox & Reverie, a new destination for the content creators, producers and brands looking to supercharge the possibilities of virtual production and immersive audience experiences.

Our home is The Forge, a brand new mixed reality studio concept, purpose built to help you fuse physical and digital experiences with unprecedented speed, flexibility and wonder.

“As realtime game engines and screen production converge, a new studio paradigm needs to be invented, that folds together creative production, technical innovation and multi-sensory experiences into a single ecosystem. This is the driving ethos behind The Forge and is a new offering for the creative industries”

– Martin Taylor, Co-founder / COO, Prox & Reverie

One Studio, No More Compromise

Our multi-reality production methodology and flexible studio design, empowers content makers and storytellers to translate their imagination into experience, faster than ever before.

Think Bigger, Explore Further, Build Faster.

Working with our expert team of innovators, designers, artists and technologists, we offer the best solutions the XR industry has on offer, along with totally unique capabilities that only The Forge can deliver.


Our guided Discovery Sessions allow you to get hands-on with all the tools needed to step into your world and test your ideas.


Build, scout, share and deliver the vast Worlds and characters of your imagination at the speed of thought within The Forge.


Save time and money with off-the-shelf simulation templates, or full bespoke interactive experiences.


We create any kind of avatar character or volumetric performance for immersive and for screen or blends of the two.


Innovating new ways to fuse physical and virtual experiences for advanced installations and for audiences of the future.

“Prox and Reverie occupy that beautiful space between creativity and technology. They are one of the most exciting creative partners I have had the pleasure to be involved with in the last year”.

 – Will Cohen – Milk VFX

“By our second visit to P&R, they had already started to build the world of Macbeth, it was extraordinary to see the world come to life and this inspired new creative ideas as well as practical ways of working”.

 – Caitlin Beavan – MOYA Productions

Powered through partnership

We partner with the industry’s best platforms, tools creators, technologies and organisations to create truly next generation immersive solutions for emerging audiences

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